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General Cat Sites

Cat Fanciers Association
An informative insight into the world of pedigreed cats - with breeder search, breed profiles, top cat photos, cat show schedule, health articles.

Sagwa The Chinese Siamese Cat
A new PBS animated adventure designed for 5 to 8-year-olds. Set against the backdrop of ancient China, Sagwa displays the boundless energy and fresh perspective of an 8-year-old discovering the world and learning some of life's most important lessons.




Pet Charities and Special Interest Sites

Pat Brody Shelter
The Pat Brody Shelter for Cats is a non-profit, no-kill shelter. We, through our volunteers, rescue stray and abandoned cats and kittens and care for them until they are placed in good homes.

PetSmart Charities
This national nonprofit organization provides grants to U.S. animal welfare agencies in support pet adoption, spay/neuter, emergency relief, and educational efforts to help save the lives of homeless cats, dogs and pets.

Siamese Rescue
Siamese Rescue is a coalition of shelters located in Virginia, Texas, California and Colorado that place Siamese cat throughout the US. We are a tax exempt, non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue of Siamese cats.



Cat Care Guides and Equipment

Cat Fact Files
This cat-owners' bible covers everything you need to know about caring for your pet from birth through to old age.

Healthy Pet
Cat care library of articles from the American Animal Hospital Association.



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